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>>> Just for fun I created some small totally unuseful programs <<<

The excel file which simulate the Monty Hall problem.
There are links to problem explanation.
The problem is simulated on classical excel sheet.
On the last sheet the problem is simulated with VBA

The program written in VB.Net (similar language to C# but more user friendly)
The Monty Hall problem simulation and exact calculation.
Here the problem is solved more general. (i.e. many doors, many cars etc.)

The program written in VB.Net to help You to solve a 9x9 sudoku.
Set the sudoku. The program suggest You some missing number.
You can continue manually or request for next number.

The program try to solve The n-Queens problem. (written in VB.Net)
The n-Queens problem is to place n chess queens on an n by n chessboard
so that no two queens are on the same row, column or diagonal.
Read some details in program "Description" tab.

email: marianchovan.gmx.com

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